eternal_1 Triune Pilates offers a wonderful way to achieve your fitness and wellness goals while receiving the ultimate in care and attention, community, and having loads of fun in the process. From the staff at Triune Pilates we welcome you and hope we can be of service to you soon.

 Books and Videos Just Don’t Cut It

Sure, there are a ton of books and videos available. And they are a great way to introduce yourself to the Pilates Method. But a (book doesn’t make a cook). Following a book is a great way to injure yourself or just not get the full (effect) of personal Pilates training.

eternal_2Why You Should Choose Triune Pilates

Triune Pilates specializes in Body Arts and Science International Pilates (BASI) repertoire. This means you will get the safest, most adaptable for your needs full-body program that consistently produces the highest quality results from any Pilates training. Experts agree and quick results show that BASI is the most scientifically sound Pilates system available.

 Another thing you’re really going to love about training with Triune Pilates: Locations

We’re in Beautiful and Tranquil Locations

Triune Pilates is located in beautiful Magnolia in Seattle and in sunny Rome, Italy.

The first day you leave Triune Pilates and step into the invigorating fresh air, you feel incredible, you are so enthusiastic, so excited about what’s taking place in your body and mind, you think, “I can do this, this is wonderful, I feel great…look out world!”

eternal_3Here´s What You Should Do Now If You Want to Enjoy All the Benefits of Pilates Training

No matter what condition or shape you are in now, no matter how difficult you have found it to have the body you’ve always wanted, Triune Pilates will create the ideal program for you. Why not call us now, while you are still on this page?

How fast do you want Triune Pilates to give you the body, the fitness, the flexibility you want?

Yours for strength and beauty eternally,