DonalDonal Kavanaugh, owner and instructor, is a man who knows the value of having a lean, strong, and flexible body.

Donal was turned on to Pilates many years ago when Cara his sister was going through Pilates certification. Donal understood how special Pilates was from the start. Pilates is a highly adaptable fitness system that can serve any age group or population.

Donal enjoys many sports such as tennis, golf, fencing, skiing, and swimming. “I was taken aback how Pilates has improved my game in sports. I no longer have the imbalances that affected my performance. It’s a beautiful thing! Pilates is the first program that has changed my life significantly and the only non-routine fitness system that I love to participate in.”

Donal was at the top of his class, trained, and certified in Body Arts and Sciences International modality of Pilates designed by internationally recognized author and master trainer Rael Isacowitz. Donal is certified to teach all apparatus levels and mat work. Donal has worked with and is sensitive with a wide range of post rehab issues such as hip replacements, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, ankle, neck, abdominal, and back problems. I’ve worked with toddlers as young as 3 years old and adults as old as 91.

Finally, Donal’s philosophy to training Pilates is always to be striving to train deep, be learning, and be client and community centered. Donal is a past President of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce.


Sara Website Pic 2Sara Davenport was introduced to Pilates several years ago. While working in the corporate world, Sara wanted to do something that was more rewarding and helped people feel good about themselves. Once she started her certification, she experienced how much Pilates changed her life. “In just a few months I lost weight, my posture was noticeably different, my clothes fit better, I gained strength, flexibility, confidence, and over all feel incredible.”

Sara listens to the needs of her clients and is very dedicated. “My goals for my clients are to help them achieve their fitness goals that they didn’t think were possible, to feel better physically and are inspired by their own achievements, and to use Pilates and its principals in every aspect of their lives.”


Star Website NowStar Fitzgerald wants you to know that she loves Pilates! She was quite taken with the discipline when she tried it for the first time back in 2001, and she attended classes regularly for about a year. Travel, moving and children got in the way of delving as deeply into Pilates as deeply as she would have liked at that time.

After moving to Seattle in March 2013, Star suffered a number of injuries, landing her in physical therapy that lasted three consecutive summers. In August 2013, she joined Donal for a journey into rebuilding her body and finally being able to fully explore Pilates. Wanting to go beyond the student level, Star apprenticed herself to Donal. Happily, she has now started teaching under him at Triune.

Star has a BA in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara, and she has done graduate study and research in Public Health, concentrating in Health Promotion. She has taught dance and yoga off and on for many years. For seven years, Star worked for the San Diego County Health Department for STD control as a researcher, youth coordinator and later, as community liaison. Deciding that what she truly loved was teaching, Star went on to do software training. Now, her experience has brought her full circle, back to working directly with the body as a professional and passionate Pilates instructor.


Cybele O’Brien is a Seattle transplant, originally from Venice Beach, California. Her movement training began with ballet in her youth, and continued with figure skating, martial arts, and surfing.

In 2007, after many years of pushing her body to its limits, Cybele suffered a debilitating back injury while training to become an EMT with the fire department. After surgery, many of her beloved activities were no longer a possibility. It was at this point that she first came to Pilates. It took only one session to prove that this was the route to recovery. After a year of rehabilitation for strength and range of motion, Cybele began the process of certification to become an instructor, both to deepen her own practice and to share it with others who had her same experience.Cybele trained with Maria Leone of Bodyline Pilates in Beverly Hills and worked immediately afterwards at Beyond Physical Therapy in Marina del Rey. She also began a private practice in Venice Beach, which she continued for several years until moving to the Seattle area.

Since arriving here, Cybele has continued to teach privately until she found a home at Triune Pilates. She is excited to have the opportunity to share her love of Pilates and movement with the Triune community.


CaraKavanaghCara Kavanaugh, guest instructor and owner of The Pilates Muse in Rome Italy, trained for ten years as a professional dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Pennsylvania Ballet, and various other Modern, Jazz, and Flamenco Dance teachers. Cara has worked as a professional dancer and actress across the United States and Europe.

After a serious car accident that left her unable to work due to chronic back pain, Cara started Pilates as part of her recovery. Cara credits Pilates as the single most effective therapy she has experienced in her rehabilitation of body, mind, and spirit to health.

Inspired by the results she experienced, Cara trained closely for two years and over 700 hours with master teacher Dorothee VandeWalle in Seattle, to become an instructor in the original Pilates method as taught by Joseph Pilates. She is certified to teach all levels from pre-Pilates to very advanced on all apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates for the reformation of body and mind to balanced health through “Contrology” his original name for the revolutionary Pilates method.

BrandonGambleBrandon Gamble, guest instructor and owner of Pilates Bodies in Motion, started in the fitness industry in 1987. He has dedicated most of his life to health and fitness. As an active surfer, snowboarder, and water-skier, he knows the value of Pilates to strengthen and balance the body. After making Master Fitness Trainer in 1997 he began integrating Pilates into his programs and working with Physical Therapist Donna Thomas at Las Vegas Athletic Medical Center. There he realized the true benefits Pilates had to offer his post rehab clients. Brandon is recognized throughout the dance and entertainment community in Las Vegas for his attention to detail. He is also recognized for innovative techniques for dancers and acrobats in the various shows.

As a proud graduate of the Body Arts and Science International certification program and Faculty (a select group of teachers worldwide that teach the educational BASI programs) he has lectured and taught in Japan, Australia, and all throughout the U.S. After publishing several articles including “Who is Pilates For” he has started his first book, “Pilates in the work space”. Brandon also owns Pilates Bodies in Motion, University Place, Washington. This 2500 square foot facility runs six days a week with seven instructors and offers all the amenities of a full service studio. He continues to teach the B.A.S.I. Pilates method and is always working towards higher education.

Brandon is dedicated to excellence in his teaching, movement, and technique. He is a wonderful instructor for all ages, male or female, post rehab therapy, sports conditioning, and any of your health and fitness needs. After years of national and international travel, his love and passion for teaching Pilates is recognized worldwide.