What do you do in Seattle when you find it impossible to lose weight and have a hard and flexible, body?

Well, you do what thousands of celebrities, athletes, dancers and coaches do…you start Pilates training. . .

Do you know how some people in Magnolia can start an exercise program or diet and fail miserably in just a few days, weeks, even months later?

Or they start an exercise program and don’t see any great results…

And of course, you realize too, that as you get older, it gets more difficult to keep the pounds off, have a flat stomach, and remain flexible.

Why is that? Why do people who try so hard still can’t get the type of body they crave?

The reason is simple. It’s because their minds and bodies aren’t in sync. They aren’t co-operating with each other. This creates imbalance and lack of alignment.

For the tens of thousands of Americans with this problem, they have finally found an answer in Pilates training.

Pilates is a fitness system created by Joseph Pilates. It uses a series of core muscle strengthening and stretching movement that improves strength, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination. Pilates corrects posture and balance and leads to physical and mental relaxation with a greater sense of well-being.

It literally creates a fusion between mind and body. And when that happens you have greater control over your life and actions.

Covid 19 Update: Triune Pilates is open for in-studio and virtual Zoom Privates, Duets, and Semi Private Instruction.