Does Triune provide all mats and equipment for my appointment?

 Yes…Triune provides all mats and equipment. You are welcome to bring your own mat. Cleanliness is our highest priority. We clean the mats and equipment after every session.

What type of Pilates training do I receive at Triune Pilates?

 We teach Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) Pilates. BASI believes that Joseph Pilates a man way before his time and incredibly innovative would have constantly been evolving and changing his program to reflect current scientific trends and innovations of the modern world. Our programs are built around the safety of the client first and foremost. Our certified instructors focus on a Block system of progression that organizes the exercises in a way that supports safer and more productive gains in health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Is it true that one can have any fitness level or body type and do well in Pilates?

 Yes…Pilates is for everyone! Pilates is a great program because it is so adaptable to any body type or physical condition. We can work with the young, elderly, disabled, back injured, and anyone who has the desire to attain greater health, fitness, and wellbeing. We accomplish this task by modifying, adapting, or omitting exercises to the personal specifications of the client. As with all new physical fitness programs consult with your physician for any guidelines that you want us to follow.

 What kind of results can I expect with Triune Pilates training?

 The results all depend on the individual through diet habits, healthy lifestyle, and frequency of work outs per week. Adopting a healthy diet, working out 3 to 5 times a week in Pilates and/or combining with other training modalities, and staying consistent in their programs can achieve rapid gains in muscle tone and definition, a more supple and youthful appearance, better posture, weight loss, flexibility, strength, stress and back pain relief, and enhanced athletic performance.

What kind of experience can I expect with Triune Pilates training in Seattle?

 Triune Pilates has a calm and relaxing environment. Many people come to Pilates because they want to make positive changes in their lives but don’t want to deal with bright, loud, and stressful training environments. Going to a Triune Pilates studio in Magnolia is more akin to going to a spa then going to a stressful and smelly gym. Triune Pilates’ staff are trained to create a calm, caring, and supportive environment for the client that facilitates greater focus on specific muscle groups while learning how to release stress and tension from their bodies or lives. After a Pilates session one can expect a refreshing more fluid feeling of the body and greater ability to think creatively and productively.

What should I wear or bring for my Pilates sessions?

Wear comfortable clothing such as light sweats, shorts without large buttons, yoga pants, leotard, and t-shirt. Bring a towel and water bottle.